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Nutrition Advice and Tips 4
Nutrition Advice and Tips Νο. 4

 Summer Drink

Summer drink to be always healthy! Make a smoothie with milk or yogurt, fruit, honey and oats!

By adding oats, we help the body to be healthy for longer than any other cereal.


It's her season and you prefer why it contributes to the health of the heart. Consuming a tomato a day can offer up to 30% protection from heart disease due to its high lycopene content, a strong antioxidant that reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol.

It has high levels of vitamin C, helping to strengthen the body's defense, rich in potassium that regulates blood pressure.

  What are the 6 essential nutrients we need?

The essential nutrients our body needs must come from our food, and it is necessary to prevent disease, growth and good health.

Three of these (proteins, carbohydrates, fat) need them in large doses, while the other two (vitamins, minerals) need them in small quantities, which are enough for us.

Finally, there is water, without which our body can not function.

  Are there foods that affect the mental function-health?

In order to achieve a healthy mind and protect it from mental dysfunctions, depression or even from diseases such as Alzheimer's, we should be right about what we choose to consume.

Studies have shown that diets rich in saturated and trans fatty acids reduce cognitive processing and increase the risk of neurological dysfunctions in humans and animals.

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